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Fertagro Handling nv was created in 2005 as an INDEPENDENT SERVICE PROVIDER for all logistical aspects related to the distribution of fertilizers.

  • Fertagro Handling nv is strategically located at the borders of “ the lYS” close to all motorways’ E17; A 17, connecting easily to the E42 and the A1. At Just 15 Km from the French border Fertagro Handing the main agricultural regions in the Northern part of France are easy to serve. The “LYS” passing along the warehouse makes part of the strategic expansion plan for the “ Canal Seine North Europe” . Vessels up to 4000 MT will connect the port of Antwerp to the Paris region.
  • At the main warehouse Fertagro Handling nv can make use of the container river quay, a weekly shuttle connects Wevelgem with Antwerp & Rotterdam, making it an ideal hub for the container exports. The Port of Zeebrugge is also only 60 km away by road
  • Fertagro Handling nv receives barges up to 1300 MT, that are discharged within one day. The warehousing capacity of is 35000 MT for bulk fertilizers. Under covered area there is additional storage for 1500 MT bagged products.
  • Fertagro Handling nv manages all type of bagging operations , from 25 Kg to 50 Kg bags and Big Bags from 500 Kg – to 1200 Kg. A blending unit for the production of taylor made NPK formulation’s is used to serve it’s customers
  • A growing Number of “producers” and “distributors” make use of the infrastructure to store and handle their fertilizers.

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